Fees for Sun City Center & Kings Point

1. Monthly Fee for 2
2. Insurance
3. 80-85 Channel Cable TV
4. Landscaping
5. Water & Sewer
6. Exterior Maintenance
Kings Point Condos
In Kings Point, the monthly fee includes all exterior maintenance, ext. painting, roof repairs, and insurance on the structure.  Because of this, insurance costs are much lower since the owners only need insurance for liability & all contents inside the interior walls. 
Sun City Center
In Sun City Center, the owners of single family homes are responsible for their roofs and all exterior maintenance.  An exception in SCC is that the owners of some villas pay a POA/HOA fee that covers the lawn and/or some of the exterior maintenance.
Every effort has been made to present an accurate comparison for the two communities, but the costs included above are only estimates.  Buyers are advised to do their own “due diligence” & not rely on the estimates included here.  Before purchasing a home or condo, carefully read the property owner’s association documents and/or the condo documents and/or the home owner’s association documents to find the details of all relevant fees and restrictions.  (Real estate taxes, electricity, & telephone would be additional in both areas.)
Kings Point
Sun City Center
Estimated Monthly Totals    $   433 - $   673      $   433 - $   673
Estimated Annual Totals      $5,196 - $8,076      $5,196 - $8,076
1603 Sun City Center Plaza
Sun City Center, FL 33573
Exception: Kings Point Single Family Condos
In Kings Point, the owners of single family condos are responsible for their own exterior maintenance, exterior painting, roof repairs, and insurance for the structure and contents.  The monthly fee does not cover any of these items.