Rules, Restrictions, & Golf

One member of the household must be 55 or older.  No one under the age of 18 may be a permanent resident.  Children & grandchildren are welcome to visit and use the amenities up to 30 days each per year. 
Kings Point has over 100 mandatory condo associations, and Sun City Center has just as many mandatory Home Owner's or Property Owner’s Associations (HOAs or POAs)   All POAs, HOAs, & condo associations have restrictions & required fees that may pay for lawn care, exterior maintenance, or lake maintenance, etc.  YOU should carefully check into these fees and restrictions before buying a home or condo.  If you do not want to deal with the restrictions or fees, there are a few neighborhoods in SCC that do not have a POA or HOA.
Golf Carts/Cars
Golf carts (also called golf cars) are allowed to travel on all roads throughout Kings Point and Sun City Center with the exception that they can not travel along Rt. 674 (Sun CIty Center Boulevard) although they can cross over Rt. 674 at 4 locations.  This is one of the best amenities in Greater Sun City Center and allows the residents to shop, visit the library or medical facilities, and enjoy the recreational activities without using their car.  Drivers don't need a license but must be 14.
Neither community includes golf as a basic amenity so all golf memberships and fees are additional.  Here are the 5 local courses within Greater Sun City Center that you can drive your golf cart to: Caloosa, Cypress Creek, Renaissance, Sandpiper, & Scepter.  Plus, there is 1 Executive Course: Freedom Fairways.  
All together, there are 126 holes of golf to play in Greater Sun City Center.